Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dadar railway station to other Especially Dharavi , Sion, Matunga labour camp

Dadar railway station to Dharavi , Sion
Letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the Taxi Drivers Who refuse to take passengers to the area they intend to go

The Editor of a news paper
Times of India


I shall feel obliged if you publish the following lines in your esteemed daily under the column ‘Letters to the Editor’.
Now a days we are finding it very much difficult to get Taxis from one place to the other in mumbai Especially from Dadar station (East) to the other since last two month after increasing of fares. Taxi drivers when they are called they refuse to take passengers to the area the passengers intended to go. Especially, people who arrive night from (other state) different destinations do not get taxi immediately. They have to wait for a long time to get a taxi to proceed to the area they wish to go. Some of the taxi drivers turn a deaf ear to passengers words. As a result of this, life has become miserable.

May I draw the attention of the president of the Taxi drivers union to look into the matter and advice the drivers to the cordial with the passengers.

Yours faithfully ,
Vizhithezhu (Awarness) Youth Organisation

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